Keeping an eye on the many components of your vehicle will help it last longer. Whether you need a standard tune-up, or complete engine repair, Archie’s has the experience and knowledge to properly care for your vehicle.

Engine Repair


engine repair

With over 30 years of experience in the auto repair industry, you can trust Archie’s Brake and Quick Lube to diagnose, repair, and take care of all your engine repair needs.


Typically, this process begins when the Check Engine Light (CEL) shows up on your dashboard, although a diagnostic test can begin at any point.  Using a state-of-the-art system, Archie’s technicians will scan your vehicle’s on-board computer for any trouble codes and provide you with a report so you can see what can be done to get your vehicle running at its best.

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complete fuel system cleaning

Archie’s technicians will perform a three-step process to rid your fuel system of deposits left by impurities in fuel. Both a top engine clean and fuel injection clean are necessary to ensure your internal engine components are free of carbon deposits.

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serpentine belt inspection/replacement

An integral part of your engine for proper vehicle operation, the serpentine belt, drives the operation of air conditioning, air pump, alternator, and many more. If you ever hear a squealing from the front of your vehicle, pop by Archie’s and let our technicians take a peek to make sure you’re driving safely.

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Tune ups/Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicle manufacturers set up a schedule for your vehicle to undergo engine tune-ups, which are necessary to keep your engine running at the standard intended when the car was first built. This can include spark plug replacement, parts of the ignition system, and the distributor rotor. Ask an Archie’s technician what type of tune up is best for your vehicle.

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a/c evacuation and recharge

Nothing is more unpleasant than a long commute to work when the A/C isn’t working. A leak in a hose, connector, or other part of your A/C system can be the cause of many A/C related issues.

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coolant fluid exchange

It can be a confusing question to decide when to change your coolant fluid. Some vehicle manufacturers advise owners to change their coolant fluid every 30 000 miles, while others don’t offer a recommendation at all. Archie’s technicians will help you decide if it’s necessary, as its an integral part of your vehicle’s operation.

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*The mechanics of Archie’s Brake and Quick Lube are committed to treating your vehicle like family, which is why all maintenance schedules and service intervals will follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations, where applicable.

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