Suspension & Steering

Keep your vehicle’s suspension system performing optimally with a visit to Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube.

Springs, shock absorber/dampers, struts, roll bars, ball joints, and spindles are all parts of your suspension, and all can affect the handling of your vehicle. 

Suspension and Steering


Suspension & Steering

Your vehicle’s suspension ensures there is maximum contact and friction between the tires and the road. Making sure your vehicle’s steering and handling is smooth and precise is just one of the many things Archie’s technicians will be looking for when your vehicle comes into the shop. If your car or truck has suspension issues, it can be difficult to tell immediately, as they are typically issues that worsen over time.

Shocks & Strut Replacement

Shocks and struts are parts of you vehicle’s suspension system that keeps you in contact with the road, and reduces that feeling of ‘hitting every bump in the road’ that a worn suspension causes. When your vehicle’s tires come in contact with variances in the road surface, that shock is sent through to the springs, and that force is dampened by the shocks and struts, so you’re not bouncing around while you drive.

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Tire & Vehicle Alignment

A vehicle alignment is a series of  adjustments to its suspension, which is a system of springs and shocks that provides cushion from the road surface. While it isn’t an adjustment of the tires themselves, it is an adjustment of the angles of the tires and how they make contact with the road.  

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*The mechanics of Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube are committed to treating your vehicle like family, which is why all maintenance schedules and service intervals will follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations, where applicable.

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