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Trust your vehicle’s care to Archie’s certified technicians. No appointments necessary for an oil change. 

Oil Change

High Quality Service at a low Price every day!

We use Valvoline oil with every oil change and include a FREE brake inspection, tire rotation, battery test, safety inspection, and check and top off all fluids

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Full Synthetic Oil Change

*Up to 5 quarts of oil
*Most cars and trucks. Addional fees may apply.

Maintenance....At Your Service!

Free Tire Rotation

Any time you come in for an Archie’s Quick Lube Oil Change, we’ll rotate your tires for free.


quick lube

Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube offers quick oil change services for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will determine whether you need conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, or full synthetic oils. A comprehensive maintenance inspection is included in all oil changes to make sure that all essential systems and components of your vehicle are operating correctly. We check and top off all fluids, rotate your tires, and offer a FREE brake inspection.

No appointments are necessary for an oil change at Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube. Enjoy a cup of coffee in our comfortable waiting room, but drink it quick, because you’ll be in and out in no time.

Motor Oil Additives for High-Mileage Vehicles

Older cars and trucks, as well as vehicles with high mileage, can benefit from having a special blend of oil that protects engine parts and cleans them while it’s driven. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle thoroughly to decide if motor oil additives are necessary for your vehicle.

Learn more about Motor Oil Additives.

Synthetic & Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Modern vehicles and even older vehicles can stand to benefit from synthetic motor oil, or even a blend of synthetic and conventional oil. There are less impurities in synthetic motor oil that get left behind during the operation of your engine. It’s important to consider how diligent you are in regards to getting your oil change when it’s necessary. If you tend to be a little forgetful (it’s easy with how busy life gets), it may be wise to consider synthetic.

Learn more about Synthetic & Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

Fluid top-off

There are many fluids that are vital to keep your vehicle running. These include: motor oil, transmission, power steering, differential or transfer case, and washer fluids. Don’t get caught driving low on any of these fluids. Stop by Archie’s and we’ll happily fill it all up for you.

Don’t forget: We offer free fluid top-off between oil changes.


*The mechanics of Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube are committed to treating your vehicle like family, which is why all maintenance schedules and service intervals will follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations, where applicable.

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