Make sure Every Nook and Cranny of Your Vehicle Operates at its Peak.

With so many components of your vehicle that require upkeep, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. Rest assured, your car’s best friend is here with a list of everything that needs doing.




Vehicle inspections ensure that you and your passengers are safe while you’re driving, as well as the other people on the road. There are a variety of different vehicle checks available at Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube, and our technicians are committed to keeping your car or truck driving safely for you and your loved ones.

Brake Inspections

Do your brakes feel ‘off’ when you’re driving? To keep your vehicle running safely, making sure you are coming to a complete stop when you need to is of absolute importance. Our mechanics will complete a full inspection of your brakes to make sure everything is operating as it should.

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Light Bulb Inspection & Replacement

The technicians of Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube will ensure that your head and tail lights are operating correctly to ensure the maximum visibility when driving. We will visually inspect your vehicle’s lighting system, as well as make sure your brake lights, turn signals, and clearance lights are all working properly.

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Used Car Inspection

Gathering information with a pre-purchase inspection about a vehicle’s current condition is integral to making a wise choice when purchasing a pre-owned car or truck. Our technicians will inspect your chosen vehicle for hidden damage, defects, maintenance history, safety, and provide to you a written report.

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Safety Inspection

Archie’s certified technicians will perform a safety inspection to ensure your vehicle aligns with state regulations. Belts, hoses, battery, lights, wipers, et cetera will be checked by our mechanics. We will provide to you the requisite forms to showcase that your vehicle aligns with state regulations.


*The mechanics of Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube are committed to treating your vehicle like family, which is why all maintenance schedules and service intervals will follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations, where applicable.

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