brake fluid change

Brake Fluid Change


Brake Fluid Change

Why is it important?

While brake pads are what provide your vehicle with stopping power, brake fluid amplifies the braking force that brings you to a complete stop when you need to. It is an integral liquid to track the levels of, and slowly deteriorates over time.

What we inspect

Archie’s technicians will check the condition and appearance of your vehicle’s brake fluid, as the color of the liquid tells quite a lot about its degree of deterioration. They will also make sure your ABS warning lights are operating correctly, as well as give the brake pedal a good, few pumps to make sure it isn’t spongy or too hard.

When should you get a brake fluid change?

Most often, a vehicle’s brake fluid is checked during routine oil changes. There aren’t often manufacturer recommendations that dictate when brake fluid should get changed, but a reasonable expectation is to have it done every four to five years.

*The mechanics of Archie’s Brake & Quick Lube are committed to treating your vehicle like family, which is why all maintenance schedules and service intervals will follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations, where applicable.

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